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A Company’s Role in a Community

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When planning a companies involvement in a community, it is important to consider to what it extent it must fulfill various roles in the community. These roles can demonstrate shared values, help empower the community, or help manage the growth and functioning of the community.

If your company is going to run an online community, it must find solutions for all these roles – whether from community members, staff, or partners. I have put together a list from my own work and from the work of Ian Bryan and Joshua Paul. I would welcome any other suggestions I might have missed.  After I refine this a bit more, will probably make that wonderful thing we call an Infographic out of the information :)

Sometimes conflict happen and someone has to do justice for all parties in the conflict.

Business Analyst
Having a deep understanding of the business strategies of the community and a vested interest in their success…leads to research and collection of data that can assist the community and align it with community and corporate goals.

Concern for the well-being of your community and its members can pay huge benefits. Helping improve the lives of members and volunteer support of development efforts initiated by the community both online and in real life can empower your community.

Providing resources and tools to communities to help solve problems and tackle big projects will stimulate community growth.

An educated community becomes your best source for customers. By taking seriously the role of providing your community with in-demand information and by training the community on processes and procedures of the community, you empower your members and become an indespensible part of the community.

Entertain and engage the community.

In the day-to-day operations of the community, ensuring that tasks are being handed off to the appropriate community members or staff for execution.

First Responder
When emergencies or catestrophies, happen – being the first on the scene to address those problems quickly and publicly if necessary.

Provide the gathering place for community members to meet for important community activities.

When violations occur, punishment must be levied and enforced.

Makes sure everything runs well and gets the job done when nobody else can.

Getting people togethor to solve problems or start a big project will make your community a better place.

Be the innovator in the community to invent new ways to solve problems or find new worthwhile problems that need solving.

Careful planning is required for good communities. Take the community manager role seriously to design and implement processes that improve the experience and performance of the Community.

Someone has to spread the word around the community about information and opportunities.

Create, Find, and Solicit content for consumption by the Community. If appropriate, publish to a more general audience for the benefit of the Community.

Soliciting new members and retaining existing ones is an important task.

Finding out about stories in the community and its members and writing them up for community benefit.

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