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I’m in love with Google Drive

I'm in love with Google Drive

I’m In Love with Google Drive!

For years now, I’ve wanted to explore using Google Docs, now called Google Drive. For one reason or another I did not have the opportunity. However, since joining and the network of remote professionals, I have had the chance.  In short, I’m in love with Google Docs.  Considering the cost is FREE, and the ease of use, with a little more than two seconds of a learning curve, I simply don’t know why I waited so long.  Google Drive rocks!

Here are some of the top benefits as I see them.

1) FREE. FREE. FREE – As an off site office worker,  that’s always key. I could pay for a Microsoft user license, and be limited and charged again for upgrades, or just use Google Drive.

Additionally, I save on time and money by eliminating networking, synchronizing shared folders and all that headache.

2) 100% up time.  So far, the only issues I’ve had with accessing my file are related to my online access.  I don’t know what Google’s official position is on their “uptime” but in ten plus years of using Google, I can’t remember a time they went off line.

3) Ease of sharing.  I can share a doc with anyone I choose, in network or out.

4) Same Time Collaboration, this is what really made me fall in love. After I share a doc, I can keep working on it while other users add their edits, content, etc. As I work I see their changes happen simultaneously.  Additionally, users can add comments, etc.  It’s just so COOL how could I not fall in love?

5) Accessible.  We’ve all been in that situation with local apps where we saved it on one drive, then were at another machine, and had to go back, find file, email, etc.  Now, everything is one place – ONLINE. Cool, cool, cool. “Oh, you need that? Here, let me just send you a link. There you go. No more stinking attachments to get caught in spam traps, etc.  AWESOME!”

Ok. I’ve got to get back to work now, which of course, is always more fun when you are in love.

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