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Massive SEO Updates to Google coming soon!!!

black hat doneGoogle just recently taped a new round of webmaster videos, and Matt Cutts made a complete Video on the upcoming SEO updates to Google – which look extensive. The highlights:

1) Deploying the next version of Penquin Update – Comprehensive changes to fight webspam sites.

2) Advertorial sites that take money to post links are going to get more focus for depreciation of the links.

3) Spammy queries (like pornographic or gambling) are going to be more focused on quality sites.

4) Even more sophisticated link analysis.

5) Detecting hacked sites more comprehensive with better communications to webmasters.

6) Detecting who are the authority expert in a specific space… authorship is more important.

7) Refine Panda to not penalize some borderline conditions.

8) Get rid of clustering of the same domains on deeper search pages.

9) More concrete details for webmasters when things are wrong.

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2 Responses to Massive SEO Updates to Google coming soon!!!

  1. Joseph Franklyn McElroy soy bean says:

    thanks for the video with Matt Cutts on upcoming SEO updates

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