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New York Inbound Marketing Professionals Meetup Launched

I have created a group that some of you might be interested in. New York Inbound Marketing Professionals - It has several senior professionals already involved. We are going to meet in Midtown at a historic building ( I am looking for other experts to be involved and am specifically trying to not be biased towards my company. I am interested in promoting the industry, especially as it is a good companion to the technology industry.

This is a working group for professionals involved and those interested in the practice of Inbound Marketing, which is the marketing strategy to earn attention organically without disrupting anyone’s path. Tactics include SEO & PPC, Opt-in Email Marketing, Authoring, Event Marketing, Publicity & Public Relations, Thought Leadership, Community Building, Influencer Outreach, Blogging, Public Speaking,and more

As a senior marketer and technologist in NYC. I have been involved in all the tactics of Inbound Marketing for the last 10 years. I have been an Internet Technologist since the 90s.

I created the group after reading about SEOMOZ converting to MOZ.COM and emphasizing Inbound Marketing. I have followed for the last couple years and have seen a growing awareness of Inbound Marketing as a practice. I think the nature of Inbound Marketing is a sustainable practice, very effective strategy for startups, and I am especially interested in such tactics as Community Building.


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nyc inbound marketingWe lead the New York Inbound Marketing Professionals Meetup, educating professionals and business owners on effective Inbound Marketing. The Next Meeting is Sept 16.