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Social Media – the Activists Have some Cool New Tools

This last weekend I got a last second opportunity to attend Organizing New York  which brought together hundreds of leaders, organizers, fundraisers, techies and activists to share collective wisdom. Featured tracks focused on online organizing, grassroots fundraising, civic engagement and much more.

The relevant part of the conference for me was the vast assortment of social media tools that I had never known about and which really excited me with their tremendous power and reach.  While many tools were strictly political in nature, many could be cross-purposed for Community Marketing purposes.  I will identify a few below.


ActionSprout launched in the last 6 months with functionality designed to help organizations (including businesses) run Social Action Campaigns on Facebook in order to unlock their Facebook Fans with actions that move beyond Like, Share and Comment. The Facebook App gives organizations dozens of social actions to engage supporters with directly on their own Facebook pages. For instance, instead of asking people to click Like on a wall post, they can now ask them to click Recommend, Thank, Sign, Contact, Support, Buy or one of a dozen other actions currently supported.

The major features that I found would be useful for marketing purposes included:

  1. Viral Effect built in – All Actions are automatically shared via Facebook Open Graph and show up in the news feeds of users.
  2. List Building – you can build a list of your fans Names and Emails!!!
  3. Automatic Email Follow Through – after the actions is completed.
  4. Credit Card Purchase integration for making sales.
  5. CRM integration – connect to SalesForce and others.
  6. Affordable pricing starts at $25 per month.

If you are interested, contact Beth Becker over at Indigo Strategies who is a top customer advocate for ActionSprout and social media expert for organizing.


NationBuilder’s vision is to unlock the potential of a connected humanity. Their mission is to make everyone a leader.  What looks exciting to me is that they have developed a complete communications and content management system.  They have one dedicated to business and features to exciting social CRM features. They claim to have a way to effortlessly track and engage each one of your customers. They say you can see every interaction someone ever had – on or offline – with your business. And you can easily reach out to each of your customers through their preferred channel of communication, whether by email, text, phone call, mail, or face to face. The tool set includes:

  1. Website Management with people at the center.
  2. Customer Management with social integration and full history of connections via all channels
  3. Prospect Management to turn followers into customers
  4. Communications Management – even integrates text messaging and voice mail
  5. Invoice Management – track who owes you and get paid online.
  6. Recruiter Management – track your most influential followers and who they recruited to your cause
  7. Affordable Pricing – starts at $19 per month and is based on the number of followers.

Organizer Electionear

Not sure if this application can be used by businesses – but it absolutely blew the conference away.  It has the ability to do nationwide door-to-door surveys with real time updates and reporting.  Electionear is Organizer’s first mobile app for political campaigns and advocacy organizations of any size. It lets you have high-impact conversations with voters and constituents without wasting precious time and money in the process. Check out the video:



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