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Twitter Search 2 HTML Press Release

Twitter Search 2 HTML Press Release

For Immediate Release

Joseph McElroy
Co-Founder, CEO
Corporate Performance Artists

New Content Marketing Extension for Joomla that Enhances both Human Reader and Search Engine Interaction with Social Content.

New York, New York November 7 2012 – Corporate Performance Artists Announces Content Marketing Extension for Joomla called Twitter Search 2 HTML.  The Company has been developing custom Joomla websites for several years and recently developed this new module for its clients. After discovering the usefulness of this extension, the Company decided to release it for use by the Joomla community. This FREE module allows any Joomla webmaster to query Twitter based on a search term, username or hashtag.  The module then renders the results as HTML in the  front end of the website.  Why is this important?  Well, most Twitter Stream modules display results via ajax, which is NOT usable by the search engines.  With this module, the content returned become part of the readable HTML of a website.  In effect this makes a webmasters content unique and fresh each time the page is loaded. Google, as well as the other search engines all love readable UNIQUE content. And readers love the easy-to-read format of the results.

Where can I get it and how much does it cost?
This module is released under the GPL, and so that means it is free.  Joomla webmasters can download it through the Corporate Performance Artists Facebook Page:

Download Here:

Tutorial: Before using the module, we encourage all webmasters to review the tutorial located here.

About Corporate Performance Artists:
CPA was founded by Joseph and Donna McElroy in 2003 and grown to one of the premiere online marketing agencies in NYC. They specialise in all aspects of digital inbound marketing including but not limited to content marketing, content discovery, content curation, community development, conversion optimization, seo, sem, social, email, affiliate,print, radio and video including television. Though CPA services all family friendly industries, they have a specialization in Direct Response, legal, financial, e-commerce, hospitality, manufacturing, real estate, media & entertainment, nonprofit, fashion and jewelry.

To learn more visit or call 800.251.4253

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