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Pharmacological action:

Currently drug Xenical is one of the best and strongest drugs for burning fat. Xenical action aimed at burning fat. Xenical starts to operate in the first twenty-four hours after administration. The drug is not absorbed into the property s an blood, this does not call any side effects and addiction. When receiving orlistat, about 30% of consumed fat is not broken down and excreted from the body by natural means. At the same time, the body begins to use the accumulated reserves and begins the process of burning fat.
After the first week of taking Xenical weight gradually stabilized, and then, if properly received by all the recommendations, the weight will start to decline by about 20% during the first two weeks of continuous treatment.

All side effects that may occur while taking Xenical, arise from the intestine is: oily discharge from the rectum, flatulence - excessive discharge of gases; increasing the frequency of bowel movements, loose stools. All these phenomena - the result of blocking fat. Fats that are not absorbed into the blood, mixed with a chair. Side effects are more likely if the food contains a lot of fat. Low-fat diet significantly reduces the likelihood of side effects while taking Xenical.

Gradually When receiving Xenical, you learn to control the amount of fat your diet. But still before treatment should Ksenikalom positit doctor endocrinologist. Your doctor may suggest a special program to maximize the effect of taking Xenical, combining diet and ancillary drugs. Taking Xenical under guidance of a doctor, you develop new eating habits. In this case, after the drug is gone pounds return. Take one capsule of Xenical during meals or not later than one hour after ingestion. If the food does not contain fat, then you can skip the reception of Xenical. Each tablet with a full glass of water. Compulsory acceptance of up to 3 capsules per day Xenical, so it is important initially to plan, what meals you'd better take it.

Xenical is contraindicated for people with:

  • Chronic syndrome of impaired intestinal absorption.

  • Gallbladder disease. Biliary dyskinesia.

  • The drug should not be used during pregnancy and women who are breastfeeding, up to 18 years.

Buy Xenical (Orlistat) Online

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